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Author Talk

(Adults and Teens 12+)


Two Tribes: The Real-Life Story of a Jewish-Native American


Emily Bowen Cohen, author of the graphic novel, Two Tribes, discusses the childhood memories that inspired her book. She traces the history of her Jewish and her Muscogee (Creek) ancestors, exploring the similarities and differences. Emily leads an empowering and uplifting conversation to celebrate the increasing diversity of the United States.

Young Person Workshop

(Children 8 years old and up)


Two Tribes: Create Your Own Jewish Identity Story


Emily Bowen Cohen, the author of the middle grade graphic novel, Two Tribes, speaks about diversity in the Jewish community. Using age-appropriate language, she shares the personal stories behind her book’s panels. Students will then create their own Jewish identity stories. Using index cards and pencils, they will consider how their own life experiences influence how they think of themselves.

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